French Pâtisserie baking and catering
ISBN 9791029800832
  • French Pâtisserie baking and catering

French Pâtisserie baking and catering


Are you hoping to become a baker or pastry chef? 

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This book is for you! Created by a professional pâtisserie and baking teacher, it clearly and concisely explains how to prepare all the necessary recipes, and provides all the information you need to successfully pass your examinations. With 400 product and technical specifi cations, this manual is intended for teachers who wish to ensure that their students receive comprehensive training with all the elements necessary for their subsequent success, and also for apprentices wishing to obtain vocational training diplomas in pâtisserie or baking, and culinary diplomas. It can also serve as a useful reference work for professionals in the baking, pâtisserie and catering industries who wish to expand their range with easy to follow recipes.

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2e Trimestre 2016
Editions Orphie